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You may have some questions before working with a financial advisor (most people do). Here are some of the most common questions that we hear. Please reach out directly if you have a question not on this list or would like more information.

Do I need to be wealthy to work with a financial advisor?

No, though you do need to be able to comfortably afford our fees (see below). We love working with people who are in the process of building wealth, helping them align decisions with core values to better (and more quickly) reach their long-term life goals.

Do I need to have a lot of money to start investing?


Not at all. A person can get started with as little as a few hundred dollars per month and Iseler Financial has no account minimum requirements for financial planning clients. A thorough discussion of your goals, risk tolerance, and timeline will help determine which investment choices are right for you.

Can’t I do most of this stuff on my own?


Sure, you can absolutely go it alone. But is that what you want? To do it right, you will need to spend time learning the ropes, stay on top of all the details, wrestle with difficult decisions on your own, and determine if you are headed in the right direction. For the very motivated and detail-oriented, that can be great; for everyone else, it ends up being a lot of stress, guesswork, or simply pushed to the back burner. An advisor is an accountability partner to help you stay on track, talk through ideas and answer questions, steer you away from bad decisions, and keep an eye on the big picture.

How does the firm get paid?


Iseler Financial is a fee-only registered investment advisor. That means that our only compensation comes directly from clients – and never from sales commissions or kickbacks. Our rates are stated upfront (see below) and the advice you receive is based exclusively on the strategies that best suit your situation, goals, and preferences.

What does fiduciary mean?

As a fiduciary, Iseler Financial is required to put clients’ interests first – ahead of our own financial gains or sales goals. We strive to find solutions that match your situation, goals, personality, timeline, beliefs, and risk tolerance. Additionally, we act as an ongoing accountability partner on your journey, monitoring recommendations to make sure that they remain appropriate for you through life’s ups and downs.

How many meetings will we have?


You can expect frequent meetings during the first few months as we go through new account set up, identify and clarify goals & beliefs, collect and analyze data, and build a solid foundation. Meetings will become less frequent after that – typically every other month or quarterly – as we monitor your progress and work through the core topics of Financial Planning.

What services do you offer?


Iseler Financial has two primary service offerings: Ongoing Financial Planning with Asset Management and Financial Consultations.

Ongoing Financial Planning with Asset Management is our primary service. We will work together over time to develop a customized financial & investment plan to help achieve your long-term hopes & dreams. All decisions are driven by your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Financial Consultations are a cost-effective way to explore your financial path through a limited engagement. Consultations are priced at a flat hourly rate with no additional obligations.

Please refer to the Services page for more information.

How much does it cost?


Ongoing Financial Planning is billed as a minimum annual retainer of $4,500, paid as monthly installments of $375, with an additional Assets Under Management (AUM) fee for clients with firm-managed accounts exceeding $450,000.


Financial Consultations are billed at $375 per hour.

Have question not on this list? Send us an email! We'd love to hear from you.

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