Financial advice intimidates many of us – it can feel like a luxury reserved for the wealthy, not the thriving community of entrepreneurs, self-employed, and freelancers that make up our society. If you have thought, "I can't have financial help because I am self-employed," "this is not the right time to invest," or "I would have to give up my dreams to have financial stability," then Iseler Financial could be the firm for you.

Iseler Financial is proud to serve people who have cultivated independent lives. Our goal is to take meaningful and thoughtful actions today to help shape your financial reality for years and decades to come. Financial advice does not have to be daunting – or even worse – inaccessible to you.

We serve those among us who are blazing alternative paths in their careers and lives, partnering with them to help make smart, mindful, and intentional decisions for a future of personal and financial freedom. Let’s work together – we’ll keep it easy.

Timothy Iseler, founder of Iseler Financial, knows all about following an independent path.


Raised on a family farm and earning a paycheck since age 10, Tim studied mathematics before following his dream of becoming a record producer. He started working in a Chicago recording studio a month after receiving his diploma, and went on to earn a living as a touring audio engineer, tour manager and production manager for a decade.

After 18 years in the music business, Tim knows how difficult it can be to think about your financial future in non-traditional careers. That is why Iseler Financial was founded to serve people who choose independent lives.



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