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Keep Money Easy: Why I Do What I Do

A quick glance at the About page of this website will provide some context for who the firm serves, as well as some background information on yours truly. And while that bio is important for context, it does not really capture why I chose to open a financial advisory focused on entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent workers. The About page does not capture the story of why I do what I do.

Allow a brief digression down Memory Lane...

For many years I gave only passing thought to personal finance. Growing up on a dairy farm taught me the importance of hard work and saving, but I had only a basic – and often vague – understanding of topics like debt, investing, and what to do with the money I had saved. I moved to Chicago after college and quickly began working full-time in a recording studio. Life was great: my expenses were low, my income was ... also low, but I could afford all the records and concert tickets I wanted. What could be better?

Things continued much this way until I started touring as an audio engineer. While the job description was in the same ballpark, I quickly realized that a) the money was much better and b) the work was wildly cyclical. Money to piled up easily while on the road, but there was zero income – and zero structure – between tours. The reliable, twice-monthly paycheck was gone, replaced by a feast-or-famine pattern of saving money on tour and spending it during downtime.

I developed some strategies and habits around this time that made everything easier: ways to manage cash flow between gigs; ways to responsibly handle debt; ways to invest in the stock market that let me sleep at night. Not only did these systems make day-to-day life easier, they were themselves easy to understand and implement. They saved time and reduced indecision; they clarified what should be saved and what could be spent; they made the stock market approachable.

I discovered at nearly every step of financial self-discovery that doing the right thing – the smart thing, the thing that seemed so elusive from the outside – was always easier than I had imagined. Sure, some things were not "easy" – and others downright hard – but they were all easier than I thought they would be before I tried.

And here is the "a-ha" moment when I realized that I could do something bigger with my life: I looked around at my peers and thought, "I can help other people make good decisions with their money." The knowledge and techniques that I had acquired and refined for managing an unconventional income could be used to help others.

And not just anyone – other people like me. People who had chosen independent – and often unconventional – lives, who were motivated, responsible, and intelligent, but also happened to have weird jobs.

It's not just that I wanted to help: I felt compelled to help. To help people develop easy to understand, implement, and repeat systems for managing money and investing in the future without giving up independence.

Starting a financial advisory focused on the people that other professionals – banks, lenders, other advisors – find so hard to pin down was a leap of faith. (Anyone with significant 1099 income who has tried to secure a mortgage will understand.) The conviction to pursue a worthwhile endeavor, even when unconventional or difficult for others to understand, is at the heart of every major decision of my life – and the lives of those I serve.

The reward for that conviction – for believing that independent people deserve access to financial advice – is that it is working. The diverse and dynamic individuals that Iseler Financial serves – entrepreneurs, small-business owners, freelancers, and independent workers – are making positive changes for their futures with the assistance of an advisor who knows exactly what it means to walk the walk.

They are seeing the positive results from decisions that help them feel at ease instead of on edge; confident instead of confused; and empowered instead of afraid. We work together to Keep Money Easy, with an eye on the parts of life that are worth more than dollars and cents.

Reach out today to find out how Iseler Financial can help you make better, smarter decisions for the life you want. YOU can make that change. Iseler Financial can help you on the path.

Timothy Iseler

Iseler Financial, LLC | Registered Investment Advisor | Durham NC

(919) 666-7604

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