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Coach Says: Timeless & Practical Life Advice

My basketball career may have peaked in tenth grade, but my love for the game endures. The words of my junior varsity coach have somehow stuck with me through the years, and are surprisingly applicable to life off the hardwood. Below are some of the more memorable gems from JV Coach Johnson (and a few of my own peppered in for good measure).

Coach says: they are called free throws for a reason.

Coach says: you won’t get any rebounds by waiting for them to come to you.

Coach says: wanting to be great is easy, but being great requires hard work.

Coach says: be motivated by the desire to win, not the fear of loss.

Coach says: grab the pass, don’t just catch it.

Coach says: when the opponent is bigger than you, play a little rougher. They can take it.

Coach says: when facing multiple defenders, remember that a teammate has an easy shot.

Coach says: a champion focuses on the performance of the team, not personal stats.

Coach says: the game is on the court, not in the stands.

Coach says: mental focus is as much a part of the game as physical ability.

Coach says: you won’t remember the hours you spent practicing, but you will remember making the play during a game.

Coach says: the score at the end of the game is not the only way to measure success.

Coach says: the things you can’t anticipate shape your skill set.

Coach says: the quality of play before and after the shot is just as important to winning.

Coach says: the best players make it easy for their teammates score.

Coach says: there isn’t a better team in the league, but you have to put the work in.

Coach says: we need to buy some mustard to go with all the hot dogging out there.

Timothy Iseler

Iseler Financial, LLC | Registered Investment Advisor | Durham NC

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