This model is great for people looking for ongoing support that is customized specifically for your needs. Our Ongoing Planning service offers a thorough and extensive examination of your situation and goals through the development of a customized Financial Plan. All decisions are driven by your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.


  • Cash Flow & Income Planning

  • Tax Efficient Saving and Investing

  • Investment Advice

  • Retirement Planning 

  • Employee Benefits Review 

  • Stock Option Plan Review 

  • Major Purchase planning (Home, College, Travel) 

  • Insurance Review

  • Gifting & Charitable Giving Planning 

  • Estate Planning Analysis 

  • Social Security Strategies

You may have concerns that are not included in this list. Not to worry, this list is not intended to be comprehensive. Rather, it is intended to demonstrate the scope of our work together and the various services available to you.


Ongoing Planning is priced as an annual retainer and billed monthly. Pricing starts at $200 per month, along with a one-time, upfront onboarding fee of $500. Some common examples of analysis we will provide (other than traditional investments) are stock compensation, concentration in a single stock, multiple investment accounts, and rental real estate.


Once you decide to become a client, we will request that you provide a list of documents for us to review. This could include documents such as account statements, pay-stubs, and pension projections. We then analyze this information to create your customized financial plan. It’s our job to help you see the big picture and the possibilities. We will work together quarter by quarter to update and implement your plan over time.