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Ongoing Financial Planning is our most hands-on and bespoke service. This is ideal for people who want help with a variety of topics, need an accountability partner, and/or want to delegate certain tasks to free up mental energy. We will provide you with support quarter after quarter, year after year, while helping you build a deeper understanding of your financial health.

We'll start by identifying & clarifying the most important issues for your quality of life so that any advice lines up with your best vision of your future. Your most important financial information will be collected in one place so we can quickly see which things are going well, which areas need attention, and identify the types of conversations you should be having to build financial stability and security. You'll also receive regular reminders when it's time to schedule a meeting, proactive check-ins on the most impactful aspects of your financial health, and professional management of investments (see below).
financial planning


The Price – Financial Planning is billed as a minimum annual retainer of $4,500, paid in equal monthly chunks of $375 to make it more manageable. Clients with firm-managed investment accounts exceeding $450,000 will also be charged an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee.


Click the button below schedule an intro call or video meeting. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

We'll help you...
  • Automate your finances
  • Understand how to pay yourself
  • Align spending with values & goals
  • Estimate & plan for your taxes
  • Be smart while managing debt
  • Create a Savings & Investment plan
  • Review risks & insurance coverage
  • Review (or create) your estate plan
  • Reduce stress around money!
You will receive...
  • Investments managed for you
  • Access to financial monitoring app to stay on track
  • One page plan & action steps
  • Quarterly calls to review progress & adjust plan as needed 
  • On-demand meetings as needed
  • Unlimited support via phone or email between progress calls
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