28 day challenge:
Four Weeks to a
Solid Foundation

We have all heard stories like this: a famous person, with an obscene salary and lavish lifestyle, ends up broke due to over-spending and mismanaging money.  Or a lottery winner, who – after receiving a lifetime’s worth of income – spends everything in a few years with nothing to show for it. 


You likely have also heard stories like this: a person of modest income, with few noteworthy achievements or accolades, dies and is subsequently revealed to have amassed millions of dollars over decades.  The person had no special training or insight, received no inheritance or windfall, possessed no secret information, yet still managed to accumulate a fortune. 

How is it that some people with huge incomes spend everything they earn and others with moderate incomes and no exceptional skills end up millionaires?

There are a countless ways to approach building solid personal financial health, but I consider four topics to be the most foundational:

• Cash Flow (money coming in & money going out)
• Emergency Savings (money set aside for unexpected events)
• Debt Management (borrowing money and efficiently repaying)
• Long-Term Investment (uninterrupted compounding of returns)


By getting those four aspects right, decisions become easier to make and goals become easier to reach. Without exception, each of these foundational aspects of financial well-being benefits from one single good habit: saving a significant amount of income for future use. 


The Savings Rate – the percentage of money saved relative to gross income – is completely within your control. It does not depend on great market returns, complicated strategies, or a series of outcomes going exactly as planned. A high Savings Rate offers leverage and simplicity when managing cash flow, building an emergency savings, managing (or avoiding) debt, and allowing long-term investments to compound uninterrupted. To borrow a phrase from J.R.R. Tolkien: it is one habit to rule them all.

The 28 Day Challenge: Four Weeks to a Solid Foundation is designed to emphasize the one impactful habit that will drive success in the four fundamental topics: saving a meaningful amount of income to be used in the future. Each week we will work through how and why the savings rate is important and how it can make the four foundational aspects of financial health easier to navigate.

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Timothy Iseler

Founder, Iseler Financial, LLC

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